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  • BONUS 2ND BLACK PEN - OUR FABRIC MARKERS ARE the best solution for writing kids names into school uniform no more lost property. The colours are perfect for disguising scuff marks on shoes, jumpers and jackets. Stay safe ink is non-toxic and permanent on material but washes clean off skin
  • BOWER FABRIC PENS - THE ONLY fabric marker available with our unique vari-detail nib. Effortlessly draw both fine lines and block colour ensuring even ink coverage for you or your kids to create beautiful, permanent designs on t shirts, clothes, bags, jeans, caps that will be a real talking point
  • WHILST CHEAPER PENS SNAG ON MATERIAL AND EASILY DRY OUT - OUR custom vari-detail nib glides over canvas bags and baby grows with ease. Unlike fabric paint the ink is non-smudge and minimal bleed. Our easy click child safe pen caps make sure they maintain optimal flow and won't dry out
  • UNIQUE EASY PULL OUT TRAY - THE DURABLE, quick open and close popper fastening case means using and then storing away your pens is simple meaning more craft and no more lost pens